I have to PROTECT my country. The interest of the Philippines

MUST come first.  – President Rodrigo Duterte

A Call of Duty

Like what President Rodrigo Duterte’s first State of the Nation Address (SONA) highlighted the priorities for law and order, economic development, environment, and improved government service, ours in the Army Reserve Command (ARESCOM) was challenged by what the Commander-In-Chief have tasked us to perform, as he is confident that the Reserve Force indeed has capabilities of fighting the dreaded illegal drug activities and the intensification of ROTC Program in the country.

ROTC Bill A Priority

President Duterte himself said in a previous statement that the ROTC can instill “discipline, nationalism, and the patriotic duty,” which will prepare the youth in case China becomes more aggressive in its activities related to the territorial conflict.

“The ROTC program will bolster confidence in our military preparedness and capability while at the same time provide our country with the support of our student-cadet reservists and potential commissioned officers.”

Basic ROTC Program

The basic ROTC shall be a one (1) year or two (2) semester program which consist of at least one hundred Twenty (120) training hours credited for six (6) units. As part of the ROTC Program likewise, students shall have the option to join extra-curricular activities such as Rifle and Pistol Team, Silent Drill Platoon, Drum and Buggle Corps, etc using the thirty (30) optional training hours per semester. Read More…

ROTC Throwback

Among older generations of Filipinos, the memories of ROTC are strong and, for the most part, viewed positively and nostalgically as an important component of their most formative years. For these generations, the ROTC was not merely useful in terms of personal development, but was a crucial pillar of their national identity. Many of the ‘fighting Filipinos’ that resisted Japanese invasion and continued the struggle during the subsequent… Read More…