While it may sound more years to hook up with the military capability and modernization program of our neighboring countries like Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia, the need has been initiated under the new administration, and is now moving forward “firmed and precise” with its own momentum that will make sure that a new paradigm shift in the entire history of the Philippine Armed Forces will soon to be realized.

Like what President Rodrigo Duterte’s first State of the Nation Address (SONA) highlighted the priorities for law and order, economic development, environment, and improved government service, ours in the Army Reserve Command (ARESCOM) was challenged by what the Commander-In-Chief have tasked us to perform, as he is confident that the Reserve Force indeed has capabilities of fighting the dreaded illegal drug activities and the intensification of ROTC Program in the country.

As the President calls for inter-agency collaboration that armed forces will prepare military camps to be used for drug rehabilitation, military reservists will be mobilized for an information campaign against drug use, community service and dissemination of information regarding drug rehabilitation program.

Thus, more interesting ROTC Program activities will be added to ensure that the entire course and experiential learning of Filipino youth is responsive and at par excellence.

And so to our fellow brothers and sisters in the Army Reserve, Let us share our worth and be the medium of change. Whoo-Hah! – 1LT Arvin N Paglinawan